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Realistic Internet Simulator

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Game Description

An atom bomb is triggered by a chain reaction. Try to ignite a chain reaction here by yourself!

Realistic Internet Simulator Comments (7)
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I hate the music
Score: 0 |
Cool! All they have to do is make a game about Linux and Zorin OS and I'm happy! The music will have to go, though!
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Very basic gam3, g3ts boring aft3r d3 1st play. Da muzic is very annoying 2.
Score: +1 |
This is gotta be the most boring game ive ever played
Score: +1 |
i really dislike games like this, cing stuff gets boring, the music is repetitive, and although its a funny joke, we have popup blockers now, so its not realistic...(yes, i know they were joking, but still...)
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