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Police Sniper 2

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Game Description

You are a top notch police sniper! Eliminate all the baddies and helicopters surviving the missile attacks. Miraculously, you survived the helicopter crash in your previous mission and were picked up by another helicopter. Now it's time to continue your mission to gun down the baddies and destroy their weapons. There are many different missions in this game, you have to complete each one of them to proceed further and unlock the higher levels. You are equipped with a sniper rifle to accomplish all the missions. You can also take up the training to get familiar with the controls. You can change the size and shape of the sniper's scope. Your rifle takes a moment to reload, so don't waste bullets. Also avoid the missiles fired towards you or you will lose health. Use your Mouse to aim and Left Click to fire.

Police Sniper 2 Comments (3)
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could improve on same levels but its ok
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The levels arnt that fun.. they could improve on that
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just the same as the first one but different levels
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