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Game Description

Have you ever lost an important document to a system error without being able to save it? Now you can get your revenge without wrecking important hardware! In PC Breakdown your goal is to destroy your computer by tearing it apart with your bare hands. Click on the components to hit them until everything from the keyboard to the hard drive is completely destroyed!

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Wow..... That Guy Is Made Of Steel.... I\'m Surprised There\'s No Blood Or Bruises Or A Broken Hand!!!
Score: +193 |
good game its very good game
Score: +154 |
Score: +130 |
best game ever
Score: +130 |
What has our world come to, ouching computers while your on a computer wtf
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jayden jayden jayden jayden jayden jayden jayden jayden jayden jayden. Amanda amanda amanda amanda. Cayden Cayden Cayden
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Same bro i love this game as well.
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Ill Destroy ROBLOX I Wish I Was Him.
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