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Steppenwolf: Ep. 15

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Game Description

This is an amazing adventure game, that will give you days and months with entertainment. The game is written in Shockwave and divided into 24 episodes. More will be added. In every chapter you have certain goals to fulfill. In the first: You must escape from a boat deep in the jungel, and at the same time help your friend. To do this, there are certain obstacles that you must overcome first. Trial and error is a major part of this strategic online masterpiece. The first episode does not have a save function. However, it will be available on later episodes. Instructions: Shift Arrows - Run mode Arrows - Walk Spacebar - Perform Action Ctrl - Short Jump Shift Ctrl - Long Jump S - Save L - Load

Steppenwolf: Ep. 15 Comments (8)
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Glad Im not the only that thinks this series sucks
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i really dont like these steepingwolf games
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I dont like this game its not fun and i cant
find out what to do
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good graphics and sond the controls are kind of slow on my computer but its worth playing
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I like this games its not az good as fancy pants adventure.
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