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Game Description

Click all the elements in ascending numerical order before the time runs out. They are in the order of green, red, white and blue. Watch out for the bonus sun but avoid the angry bomb!

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Score: +1 |
It is fast... Mao Shogun would have fun with this.
Score: +1 |
The movement is a little jumpy which makes it hard to read the numbers but still kinda fun.
Score: +1 |
Requires good concentration to be good at it. I got to level 13 I believe. I'd say about half the people who play this will like it, and of course, the other half just trying to move on with their lives.
Score: -1 |
The colours give me a headache this is a rubbish game
Score: -1 |
this is the most stupid game that i have ever played its depressing
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