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Omega Squadron V Eclipse

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As an elite space fighter confront the evil omega squadron and protect the earth space station. In the year 2929, Earth and the planet Dragonis are yet again in a state of cold war after enjoying 30 years of peace. The Dragonis Space Forces (DSF) have launched strategic attacks against an Earth Communication Station orbiting one of Dragonis moons, called Thamu-01. Earth had no choice but to send a recovery ship to rescue anyone they could. During this time, the EDU's Python Squadron was assigned to guard the recovery ship to prevent any other attacks on the moon. As a fighter of the Python Squadron, your mission is to fend off any aggressors you encounter, to secure a smooth operation of the EDU's recovery mission. If you encounter the Dragonian DSF squadron known as the Omega Squadron, hit the thrusters and get the hell out of there...But everything has darkened due the Eclipse.

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Just play Drajokan skies its alot better and less of a waste of time
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