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Ninja Ninja

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Help the Black Ninja to defeat all the invading Ninjas using various weapons like shurikens, spears, bombs etc. This is an action packed Ninja game where you've to play as a Black Ninja and try to defeat all the invading evil ninjas. As the levels go up you'll encounter more powerful and skilled enemies, equipped with lethal weapons. Throw shurikens and kill all the enemies in each level to proceed to the next level. You'll also find special weapons like Bombs, Knives, Tornado Shurikens, Nuclear bombs, Spears etc during the game. Avoid getting killed and try to complete all the levels. The default language of this game is not English, but you can switch to English language. Scroll through the menu on the title screen using the Up and Down Arrow Keys and select the THIRD button by pressing the Space Bar . Then select the THIRD button again on the next screen to switch to English titles.

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This game is really weird. I wish that it was in instructions, thanks for muchgames though for telling us how to navigate the menu. I didnt really like it that much, not much to do.
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