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Nightmares Of Leia Ray

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Game Description

This is a atmospheric and very dark point and click adventure... I don't wanna tell about too much about it. Let it be a part of your nightmares!

Nightmares Of Leia Ray Comments (6)
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Score: +1 |
Well i love such games...so people who like scary games should give it a try it\'s worth playing! This game has awesome graphics and really good sounds, which makes it more good! Overall it\'s amazing! :D
Score: +2 |
Short but good, its well made, but seems to be.. Quite meaningless, well, its a nightmare after all. The dark, creepy, atmosphere is making it all along with ambient sounds. Must play just in the name of curiosity, I like it personally. Very visual.
Score: 0 |
its alright
Score: -1 |
what are u supposed to do?
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