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Neon 2

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Colorful fast paced shooting game. This one is very addictive!If youre new to the game, you might try using the control key to fix your ship on one position. This gives you greater shooting accuracy. Shields arent just for defence. Flying into collision damage enemies with a shield active will quickly destroy them. Think before you pick up a power up. Certain power ups will override others, so make sure you want the power up before collecting it.Take out more dangerous enemies first. Homing drones for example can cause serious damage if left where as mine drones are fairly safe to leave until the area is clear. Save your smart bombs for tricky situations. They can make all the difference in a tight corner. If an enemy drops a smart bomb power up, use the one you have before picking it up. Remember you can only hold one smart bomb at a time, so you might as well take full advantage of the power up. Click on where you want to shoot Point on where you want to go

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this game deservs a thumbs up
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i dont get it confusing much
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This game is fun and extremely colorful
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its really simple controls and its a nicely done shooter
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its an alright game prety easy though.......
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