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Game Description

Nanovor is a collectible battling game that features nanoscopic monsters. Battle your Nanovor in this mini-game and then download the full version of the game where you can collect, evolve, trade and battle with your friends online. The full version of Nanovor is free to download & play! Updates The full version of Nanovor is free to play. By battling and gaining experience, you are awarded with free EMs and all new Nanovor! Instructions Use the in-game tutorial to navigate your way through the game.

Nanovor Comments (6)
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hey yall wats up
Score: +3 |
ya put it back on its funn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Score: +2 |
this is okay!
Score: +3 |
u game desighners should really put the game back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost everyone likes it. and the game and creatures are really cool. but stick with the origanal version because the style and aliens are cooler
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