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Monster Invade

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Game Description

Topdown action game where you have to survive amongst angry and deadly zombies, spiders and other strange creatures. The game offers plenty of powerups and plenty of weapons to pickup.. Happy fragging :) Pickup the weapons and powerups by using the ASWD keys, use the mouse to aim and fire at your targets.

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Far to be easy and having to grab weapons all over again starting each level is major bad idea for me since the difficulty itself increase, countless ammo per magazine is probably a way to balance it but... No reload at will is an heresy since each shot is supposed to count (due to the accuracy noted). Bad gameplay, makes it quickly boring.
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kinda borin but still ok..
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wow this game is so alsome man i love it dude there is so much action u have to play this game if u like shooters!!!!!!
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Not a good game. It is boring, IT is just bad.
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