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The aim of this fast paced game is to run around pushing the balls of different sports as they start bouncing, before the time runs out. Then as they start rolling dodge your way in between the rolling balls and collect the bonus items appearing from time to time. But if you get hit by a rolling ball then you lose a life so be careful and also remember to grab the power-ups. The longer you survive amongst the balls the more points you will earn. So lets go for the Knock n Roll!!! The controls are pretty simple, just use the Arrow Keys to move around and touch a bouncing ball to make it roll.

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dont care ofr this game its got no story and its got no point or even a little bit of fun i mean cmon "GET THE BALL EFORE THE OTHER BALL GETS YOU" ooooooo.....in short i hate it
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sorta fun but gets hard after a while. Has average sound and controls the graphics are average as well.
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