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Little Pig Adventure 2

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Game Description

The little pig is back for some more fun! Reconnaissance is the name of the game.. Can the pig stay undetected? Try to figure out how to exit every room without being caught. Collect crepitos to increase your speed so you can dodge enemy surveilance better. Find the key that unlocks the door so you can proceed to the next stage. Also try to approach the girl hanging around, she will help you. Just max out your speed and watch out for your health bar. You have health packs available in some stages to replenish your health. Avoid electric fences and water puddles because they will damage you. Point and Click the left mouse button to where you want the little pig to go.

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dam this dam game takes 58798745842657443586349865346593653 years to load i hate it
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its o and its kinda weird that its a pig jumping
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its o and its kinda weird that its a pig jumping
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