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Kings Tale

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Game Description

Swing you on the king of the mountain! Here the story is told of a ruler, where you can immortalize you. Build an empire with strong followers and knights � With a victory in Kings valley you take care to ensure that the bards shall tell of your exploits in eternity. Immortal glory awaits you in this strategy browser game, but until you�ve made it to the top, it is necessary to propose a number of battles to fight � and win. As in any medieval simulation is your starting point in your conquered village campaign. At the beginning of the city is only a modest village in the landscape of Kings Tale. To revive him, you�ll build sooner or later, probably all of the 21 types of buildings and expand the existing structures must. That you will open access to new technologies. Nothing, of course, is running without resources. No smith can produce a weapon for you, if he has no iron available. Want to keep pace with the competition, but now you may not rely on your own prospector and lumberjacks. Hasp other villages, to seize their resources to you. There is no doubt brings your neighbors into a rage � a bitter war in Kings Tale is the logical consequence. Now you can prove that you�re a good strategist. The throne will be able to win you are probably not alone, but only with a close-knit community. Joining an alliance enables you to communicate with other players and to tie them to you. Together you can plan complex actions such as attacks on stronger opponents and also assist you with other commodities and arms. Only in the Community, it is possible, with the number of hostile players in Kings valley to cope. In a small, working alliance may be more valuable than a mass organization in which no one knows. Kings Tale brings vividly to the screen what you have already established many games before. Succeeded here is mainly the graphical implementation, which indeed were not limited to tables. Kings in the valley you get your village to face and actually watching how it develops. Thus the game does not get lost so quickly. Meanwhile, further worlds have been opened, it will resume where the story of King�s Tale. Among other things, is now a distinction between day and night, summer and winter. Both parameters have influence on your game, so do not underestimate the forces of nature.

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