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Jump The Gorge

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Game Description

This game is for those who dare to do some extreme snow boarding! The aim is to slide down a hill on your snow board, gain enough acceleration and jump over deep gorges, houses and trees. You can set the power by adjusting the power bar at the bottom right. Left click on the green button above the meter to set the desired power that will land you safely on the target area. Too much or not enough power will send you jumping to your demise. The faster you choose the power level, the more points you get, and if on the first jump of each level you land on target, you'll get bonus points. But be careful, you only get three lives to make it to the end.

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It is fun but it has got to be the easiest game on here...
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yea the guy almost looks like al "gore"
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Fun but 2 much or 2 little n u dead cool
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