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Gravoor Perfect

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Game Description

An after release of Gravoor 5 is Gravoor Perfect. With improved graphics as well as multiple addons to the gameplay, it makes it another success to the Gravoor family. Unlike Gravoor 5, Gravoor Perfect contains many levels where you must use your regular alien size to squeeze through some walls and obtain the keys. Can you make it through all the levels? Use your Mouse to control Gravoor and collect the power ups and keys in the correct order.

Gravoor Perfect Comments (6)
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you collected 5 coins
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an ok game that they chould have mede better!
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cute and simple and entertained me longer than i thought it would. how hard is it to add a mute button though?!
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Very creative game its really cool very fun i recomend it
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Its alright but could be alot better.
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