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Gangster vs Zombie

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Game Description

Gangster VS Zombie is one of the best action game by funfastgame. The game is a story about the last action hero, that stand up to kill all the zombie to save the world.

Gangster vs Zombie Comments (11)
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Score: +1 |
Not too bad if you are patient enough to deal with the more than average controls, pretty simple and straightforward. Most mobs have a very limited area of displacement, which makes it mostly a cakewalk to butcher them using any ranged weapons. Quickly boring.
Score: 0 |
y do u people keep putting advertisments on the game comments?This is 2 comment on games not advertise,ITS VERY ANNOYING SO STOP!
Score: -1 |
nice game
Score: +1 |
wow! im just play this game suk .
Score: +1 |
Didnt like the controls for it. Its whatever.
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