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Four Second Firestorm

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Welcome to Firestorm! 56 Artists, 175 Microgames each in 4 seconds or less. Developers from over 20 different countries participated in this massive game collaboration, becoming one of the largest Flash games ever produced. It's like Wariowares, same style gaming and genre. Being the last of its kind, this final part of the Four Second series takes you beyond the keyboard, and includes over 60 mouse-based games in it's own entire Mouse mode, giving Four Second Firestorm a powerful boost in gameplay. If you are a traditionalist, there are still over 100 original keyboard games to keep you happy. Get to the boss, and win. Thanks to everyone for making this game series as fun and exciting to produce as it has been to play, and thanks to the other 55 developers who were on this project. Check out their bios for more information about each developer!

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