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Fly Like A Bird 3

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Online at last!! The long awaited, and much requested update to fly like a bird. What new features does fly like a bird 3 have? You and your friends can now make nests and lay eggs for a start. Also, you can choose what bird to be (Seagull, Pigeon, or Crow). Also, a great new look with a shiny new city. What else? why not find out? MMO fun as ever, but with more.... This unity game also has settings, allowing you to tune tha game to suit your computer's abilities (Firefox internet browser reccomended) so fun for all !

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Jul15, 2014
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i would so much love to fly but the downer of it is that you have to get off the computer and keep dreaming cus its never ganna happen
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great game
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Oh wow
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I would like to fly too but i cant
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