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Endless Migration 2

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Game Description

Endless Migration 2 is an artful, atmospheric video game about a flock of migratory birds lost in time. This demo takes you through 2 of at least 7 planned environments and 9 of the 20+ planned bird species! While flying homeward, the flock strays off course into the Bermuda Triangle. Suddenly, the birds are pulled into a vortex, catapulted through a wormhole, and lost in time. It is up to you to use your knowledge of the flock to guide your birds safely home to the wilderness of present-day Canada. Thanks for taking the time to check out this demo. As a work in progress, we welcome any feedback and hope you rate highly and check out our Kickstarter campaign!

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i\'m loveing this game
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not bad cant wait for the full game!
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