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Driving School GT

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Game Description

Attempt to get your license by passing a series of tests in Driving School GT! Hop into your car and ride around the city completing over a dozen driving challenges!

Driving School GT Comments (152)
Best Comments
Score: +21 |
This wasnt that great. I didnt like the game play of it.
Score: +15 |
hey im new her do u guys have any tips or anything lol
Score: +13 |
ehh its ok not tht bad but it gets a bit boring
Score: +13 |
wats the point of this its borin i did it do
Score: +10 |
rubbish game i cant play there is no wheel or steering wheel
Newest Comments
Score: 0 |
I love this Game
Score: 0 |
Score: +1 |
the game is pretty cool
Score: +1 |
hm i lije it
Score: -3 |
The only thing i like about this game is the Audi in the main menu! The rest stinks! Below score threshold ( Show Comment )
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