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The player with the highest double goes first. To place a domino just click on it. If a domino can possibly go on either end of the chain, you can make this choice by clicking on either the left or right hand side of the domino. If the left side of the domino is clicked it gets added to the left side of the chain. If the right side of the domino is clicked it gets added to the right side of the chain. If you cannot make a move all the pieces will turn red. Click on the deck to draw a new piece. If you and the computer have no possible moves left then the player with the smallest sum of pieces wins that round. The game will move onto the next round regardless of who has won. Once the time is up it will be game over and your score will be recorded. Controls: Use the mouse to control all aspects of the game.

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Classic domino game with help, quite close to a tutorial to learn the basics. Not bad, nothing amazing either, monotonous music you better switch off straight.
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the game is ok and is good for learnig the game
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