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Dogs of the Seas

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A browser-based Massive Multiplayer Game. You start your adventure as a poor pirate in the heart of the Caribbean fighting and trading your way to wealth and glory. Equip and command your fleets, become famous and rule the Caribbean seas! Hunt for treasures or bounties set on Pirate�s heads, accept missions from your local Agent and go on a quest, trade precious goods with other merchants of the Caribbean or produce valuable weapons and ships. Take down your enemies and plunder their ships in real-time player-on-player combat or trade with them on the high seas. There are vile computer generated pirates or peaceful trade merchants sailing in our waters, so keep a good lookout, Mate! Start your own or join an existing Alliance and take part in the Caribbean politics. Create your own beautiful pirate cove with more than 26 possible buildings, build and take command of your fleets using some of the 20 shipclasses and sail between the 500 harbors to complete sales and purchases of the more than 200 different items or plunder one of the offshore fortresses.

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so dumb
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LOOKS boring U kno...LOL!
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