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Game Description

Game based on stories by H. P. Lovecraft. Herbert West has finally succeeded in his ghastly endeavor. But he realized too late the horror he has unleashed. He must kill all terrible creations. Use YOUR MOUSE to shoot. Shoot the zombies as they rise and find the weak spots on the lesser zombies. When you find the shotgun, press SHIFT key to toggle between weapons.

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Score: +1 |
Simplistic but not bad, I like the Lovecraft reference but it is nowhere but in the description... (No one here obviously heard of his novels... Horror classic... Ya know..). Good time waster, I like the silhouette graphic choice.
Score: 0 |
good game
Score: 0 |
made it to stage 7 then died? umm odd game
Score: 0 |
to tell u the truth, the graphics should have been better. i think it is stupid
Score: 0 |
While I admit that the graphics could've been WAY better, and the weapon and enemy variety could be greater, I have to say that the difficulty is perfect. A 7, for me.
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