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Dark Melt

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Game Description

Clear the ice block maze by running and jumping, in this nice flash game and complete all the levels to score highest points. In order to do this, you need to run and jump over ice blocks to melt them. Remember! When the color of block is white, then you have to run first to highlight it and finally to break it. Also avoid from falling off the maze or colliding with penguins, as you will lose a life. Use arrow keys to move and space bar to jump, once enough ice is removed proceed quickly to the next level.

Dark Melt Comments (7)
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this game could be easier and this game is has good graphics but the controls are to sensitive
Score: 0 |
this is the kind of game that only really sutes a certan type of person and that isnt me
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own personal opinion, but its pretty hard. Good, but hard to control.
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good premise but controls too often lead to death. theyre too sensitive
Score: 0 |
fun game but it is hard to controle the guy
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