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Curse Village: Reawakening

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Game Description

Defend your village one more time from the zombies. Defend your village from the invading zombies! Use the [1 .. 6] numeric keys to select a weapon. Mouse-click to use the selected weapon. Tips: - Use the [1 .. 6] hotkeys to quickly change between weapons - Kill multiple zombies at once with the verticle melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades! - Range weapons are best used against small zombies, large zombies can be easily killed by melee weapons - Use the laser gun only in critical conditions - The maximum barricade (wire barricade) is vital for surviving in later levels

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this is a gd game
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nice game it is a bit hard but its allllllllllrrrriigghhttt lol i like it
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