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Two nations of stick figures have been fighting for years, though both sides have yet to discover why they are fighting. You are your army's most valued soldier, being the only citizen intelligent enough to use a bow instead of beating foes with a stick. Move with W, S, A and D. Hold and release the mouse to shoot an arrow. Gain money by killing enemies. You get more money for headshots. If one of your soldiers reaches the far side of the battlefield, you win! If the enemy reaches your side, you lose. Even if you are too wounded to fight, your soldiers may still win. After each skirmish, purchase upgrades with the money youve earned.

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fun but way to easy..
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at this one round u r all alone and there r tons and tons of guys coming at u and u cant save yourself
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kool i guess
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good but just kinda \"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\" somthing
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