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Boxhead: Bounty Hunter

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Game Description

The Boxhead universe is turning ugly... No longer are the heroes content to take down the zombie menace, they have turned on eachother in an ultimate battle to finally determine who is the ultimate Boxhead! Multiplayer mayhem ensues; compete online using a massive arsenal of weaponry and equipment, decimating your rivals and claiming their bounty for your own. If your murder skills are up to par then you just might find yourself on the official Most Wanted list, and cause every hired gun out there looking to take some of your bounty for their own. It's kill or be killed!

Boxhead: Bounty Hunter Comments (59)
Best Comments
Score: +18 |
this games pretty good
Score: +15 |
this game is one of the best box head games of all.....
Score: +13 |
i like the online part
Score: +11 |
Nice Games
Score: +6 |
Pretty cool. It could be a little better but not bad.
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Cool Game
Score: 0 |
Score: +1 |
cool game
Score: +1 |
Add me guys Ghostmachine.
Score: +2 |
this game is sweet
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