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Bounty Bay Online

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Bounty Bay Online is basically a European re-release of the Far-Eastern (and later, US-based) MMO Voyage Century Online, with the main difference being the subscription model used in BBO as opposed to free play with purchasable items. The game is initially free, with a 10 day trial, and after that players can keep on gaming for a fee of �6.99 per month. This is unlike the US version which is free to play, at all times, but sales various items, upgrades, etc to keep the money coming in. In short the game can be described as an MMO where the player assumes the role of an aspiring captain in a time where pirates still roamed the seas. Once the player gets acquainted with the basic controls, it is possible to choose a career as a warrior, a merchant or an explorer, each offering a unique game-style, each with their respective vessels, quests and skills.

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