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Babycal Throw

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Game Description

Babycal Throw is all about timing. Throw the bags off the backs of your Brosok Maljutki by clicking on them. Hitting other Brosok Maljutki with those bags will net you points. Double hits and multiple hits on the same Brosok Maljutki gives you bonus points and extra Brosok Maljutki.If you hit the same Brosok Maljutki twice you get an extra Brosok Maljutki when the glowing one leaves the screen. Keep hitting that same glowing Brosok Maljutki and you will gain even more guys.

Babycal Throw Comments (4)
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nice game
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it reeli suckz
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What the hell is the point of the throwing bags!
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not the best game....all u do is throw bags at ppl.......
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