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All Hallows Eve

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Game Description

Kill all zombies that are coming toward you to make money. Use the money to buy weapons and defence. You will be safe if you survive all of the zombies, so use your mouse to aim and fire, CTRL or SPACE while you fire to use the alternate weapon.

All Hallows Eve Comments (5)
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this game was bad
Score: +2 |
There....HUUUUUUUUUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYY...This game was cool!zombies zombies zombies...if you like the satisfaction of killing a bunch of zombies, this game is the game for you...lolz really entertaining, and leveling up your guns is a cool effect...but it takes so long to make money...like i think the higher the zombie level, like the female prostitute zombie shouldve been worth more to kill cuz shes harder...lolz (everybody is like lolz "female prostitute zombie?") Makes them wanna play the game more huh? lolz
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not very good sound crap it was hungry brains
Score: 0 |
this game is cool, but you start out with a bb gun
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This game was alright kinda like the last stand but with more stuff and defenses.
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