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Alien Hunter

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Game Description

The goal is to destroy the source of the aliens by bombing it. Try to get more money by destroying these aliens and their base. Pick up powerups and buy new guns. A strategy would be to try and kill lots of aliens to gets funds for your guns. Destroy their base if you want to end the level. Have fun!

Alien Hunter Comments (10)
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to easy for me it was the same thing over and over i got bored at level 12 cuz there was no more new aliens and i unlocked all the guns
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great game and awsome for taking ur anger out onthe ailens
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the third level was way too hard
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sorda fun but its a good gaME TO PLAY
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pretty good game gets repetitive after a while so it gets boring and There werent enough guns and the game needs instructions on how to play. I just guessed how to play. Needs some better sound and some better graphics beacuse the game is kinda plain.
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