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Alias 3

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Game Description

Since its creation, the small robot-man known popularly as A.L.I.A.S (Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage) has been used for destructive missions by its mysterious creators. The human part of the robot gave him an advantage over his foes, but he was not supposed to remember anything about the wicked experiments that brought him into the state of a brainwashed war machine. However, a huge explosion in the last mission partially awakened his forgotten memories! He couldn\'t recall much, but he came to know about his human nature as well as the intense pain he endured, at the hands of the evil humans. A.L.I.A.S has decided to go on a rampage at the nearest base of the human army and take his revenge. n this action packed multi level game you\'ve to help A.L.I.A.S to battle his way through the army base and blast all the enemies and obstacles with his high fire rate gun. Each kill restores a bit of health (power-ups help for that, too). At the end of the game, your score will be multiplied by the number corresponding to the chosen difficulty level. Good Luck...

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I like the controls of the game.It was simple.
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nice game.
Score: +5 |
I like the controls of the game.It was simple.
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this is crazy
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