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Age Of The Ants

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Game Description

Defeat the giant mutant ants that threaten your town in this top down shooting game featuring six weapons/gadgets, tanks etc Follow the instructions on the game screen if you are playing for the first time or you can skip them. The ants patrol the area until you get too close or you start shooting at them (note, if you are in the tank the ants will detect you from a much greater distance). If an ant gets alerted it will stop and attempt to get a bearing on you. At this point, you will have few moments to kill it before it raises the alarm. If the alarm is raised the ants will swarm and attack you. The color marking on the ants abdomen indicates the rank. Higher ranks tend to be bigger, faster and quicker to attack.

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meh..... i got to a Dr medfords research lab place but i couldnt find a dr medfords research lab.... it wasnt even there......what gives?
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its a okay game but its a bite hard to play and the graphics suck
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this game is not too bad
allrit but gets boring aftr a while
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not a very good game very choppy
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