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A Mystical Land

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A Mystical Land is a new multi-platform MMO that�s using the Portalarium player (which does require a download and install) to run through Facebook�s platform. It may strike some players as reminiscent of Runes of Magic, which is not coincidental. A Mystical Land is one of the first projects released by Neonga, a company formed by former executives of Runes of Magic publisher Frogster. A Mystical Land�s 3D graphics are very striking and its gameplay is a bit more polished than the usual Facebook MMO fare. In many ways, A Mystical Land feels a bit like a simplified throwback to earlier MMOs like Ultima Online and Everquest. Once you�ve picked your class from the starting selection of warrior and priest, you can still do just about anything you want, even opting to play the entire game without fighting anyone. There are deep crafting and cooking systems as well as aspects of the game that progress through fishing, bug-catching, gardening, farming, woodworking, blacksmithing, and even tailoring. The interface for all this is very simple, making A Mystical Land an excellent game for kids and parents to try playing together.

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