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Poker sites occasionally run promotions involving promo codes or coupons. They'll usually give out an alphanumeric code that gives you free chips or other similar benefits at their site.

If you're hunting for poker codes and coupons, there are a few different places to investigate regularly. It will also help to have open and active accounts with a variety of sites, as many of these offers require you to be a current member. There's nothing more frustrating than finding an excellent promo code only to find out it expires tomorrow and realizing there's no way to get your account active by then!

The Player's Guide to Poker Promo Code Coupons

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This guide will walk you through the various avenues where you can find promo codes and coupons on offer. Codes aren't guaranteed to be available at any given time from any of these sources, but these are the places where they most commonly pop up, and it pays to check on them regularly.

New Player Signup Offers

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Just about all of the legitimate online poker sites will offer new players some type of welcome bonus. It may be $10 of free table play—just for creating an account—or an even larger amount that releases in small increments as you reach and surpass certain thresholds of play.

These offers can be quite good, but there's a way to get even better signup offers. Poker rooms and casinos sometimes partner up with various gaming industry sites to make exclusive offers to new players referred from that particular site. It draws traffic to the poker site from a pool of interested players, and the referring site can attract more readers by offering an exclusive promotion that is unavailable anywhere else. It usually receives a small referral fee when the new player plays through a certain amount of hands.

These targeted promotional offers are generally a little better than the standard signup offer. For example, instead of the usual $10 bonus for creating a new account, you might get $20 instead.

There are two primary ways that sites can deliver these exclusive referral offers. They might post a unique coupon code somewhere on their site, or they might ask you to click through a unique referral URL (the regular URL of the poker site with an added alphanumeric code to identify the referrer's account) before signing up with them. Some sites may also ask you to subscribe to their free email newsletter in order to receive the code.

It's worth taking a look around for these offers before signing up for a new site. Players who sign up without the referral code aren't able to go back and use it. Try searching Google for the name of the poker site or casino plus “referral code” or “exclusive offer” to see what's currently available. These offers come and go—so if you see a forum post about one, be sure to check with the referring site to see if that offer is still available before signing up.

Coupon Sites

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Coupon aggregator sites collect and disseminate codes for consumer goods and restaurants from various sources around the web. They typically index them by pages—categorized by the manufacturer or a specific product offering. Online poker rooms and casinos have begun marketing extensively through these sites, so start searching for casinos offers on them.

Some of the biggest sites today are, Groupon, and Retailmenot. You'll find a combination of coupons submitted by the poker sites/casinos themselves and unrelated visitors to the site. Coupons submitted by independent people may not always work, but they are worth a try.

An excellent comprehensive resource for finding these various coupon sites is Refdesk, where you'll find a list of over 150 such websites that may have poker coupons available.

Email Offers

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Once you are an established member of a casino or poker site, it may send you codes or coupons by email periodically. The practice is usually based on your level of play—the more you wager, the more likely and more frequently you are to receive promo codes. That is why it's so important to give poker sites an email address that you check regularly!

Forum Posts

Poker enthusiasts are often eager to share the coupons and promo codes they've discovered on general discussion forums. These include sites like Two Plus Two, CardsChat, PokerStrategy and Pocket Fives. While it's possible to find some valid offers here that you might not have encountered otherwise, keep in mind that these self-reported coupon codes may be tied to a particular player's accounts, and only available to specific people or associated with a specific tier level at that site.

Working Poker Promo Code Coupons

Take a look around for unique promo codes or coupon offers before you sign up to a new site, and always keep your eyes on your email, on forum posts, and coupon aggregator sites for ongoing offers. The really good codes are worth the time it takes to find them—and they won’t last long!

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