No Download Roulette

It's easy to play roulette without having to download any apps or software. Most of the major casinos that offer roulette allow you to play it through a web browser. You'll need some temporary space on a local drive to play, but there's no need to install anything permanent.

The Player's Guide to No Download Roulette

This guide will cover the browsers that will work with no download roulette games, as well as the type of connection you'll need. We'll also discuss the best circumstances for choosing no download roulette, along with betting strategies and information about casino bonuses.

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What Kind of Browser Do You Need to Play No Download Roulette?

The two web programming languages most commonly used to run games are Flash and HTML5. Flash was the industry standard for many years, but both security issues and spotty browser/operating system compatibility have increasingly turned online casinos toward the use of HTML5.

There are still sites that use Flash, but eventually these will most likely shift to HTML5. HTML5 is compatible with just about all modern browsers on any operating system. However, it may not run on versions of browsers released before 2012. Some have workarounds and patches to address this, but web browsers are free to download nor is there any cost to upgrade to the latest version.

Not all browsers support every single feature of HTML5, but most of them support enough features for casino games to run. The big name browsers such as Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome have all been either at or close to the full support of HTML5 for some time. It's best to install one of those for your roulette play if possible.

To summarize, if you have a relatively up-to-date version of one of the big name browsers, you are capable of playing on just about any operating system. If you have an obscure type of browser that you prefer to use, you'll still be able to find multiple casino options with no download roulette that will work. It just might take a bit more time searching and tweaking of the settings.

If you find a casino that is still using Javascript, you should also not have a problem with any major browser. Flash is becoming more difficult to work with. Browsers now tend to block it from running automatically as many types of malicious sites use it as their primary attack vector. The Flash games at casinos are generally secure (though you should always be cautious). If needed, you can usually opt to enable Flash by either clicking a button or changing a setting in your browser preference menu.

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What Kind of Connection Do You Need to Play No Download Roulette?

Roulette software is usually not very demanding on data. Once the graphics have been temporarily stored on the player's device, all the game has to do is pass numbers back and forth. That means you don't need a strong connection for these games to run well. Any high-speed wired connection, such as DSL and cable, will be more than enough. A lot of roulette games will probably even run on a dial-up connection if there are still any of those around!

A good wifi connection will also be sufficient, though you should of course be careful with anything involving financial transactions on a public network. 4G cellular connections should also be strong enough to handle no download roulette. Data usage at most tables shouldn't be too extreme (expect about 30-40 MB to download the table graphics with very minimal use beyond that).

3G cellular connections and satellite connections, on the other hand, may suffer from some lag, which can disrupt your ability to place bets in time. A 4G cellular connection may also have the same problem if it is weak or if too many other people are using it in the same area.

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Who Is No Download Roulette Best For?

No download roulette is great for those who are running operating systems that are not commonly supported by online casinos.

Macintosh users are the most prominent group of no download aficionados. A lot of the major casinos do offer Mac software, but it is not as readily available as PC software or mobile apps. If Mac users can't get the iOS app running smoothly in Simulator, the no download version for Safari or a similar browser is their next best choice.

Other operating systems that are still commonly used but are not supported by most online casinos include BlackBerry OS, Linux, Unix, and FreeBSD.

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Is No Download Roulette Eligible for Casino Bonuses?

Most casinos include their no download games in their bonus structures. You'll want to check each casino's terms and conditions to be safe of course, but, generally speaking, the same rules apply to no download games as do to software- or app-based games.

Test Out Your Betting Strategy With No Download Roulette

It is important to note that no roulette betting strategy has yet shown a positive expected return over time when tested with mathematical simulations. Nevertheless, interest in them remains strong, primarily when some new and intriguing permutation is developed and marketed heavily.

Some people just need to test out a system for themselves, regardless of what the math says. If that's the case for you, the wisest way to do it is to play with no risk in a no download roulette game. Many casinos allow you to play in your browser for free or with a limited amount of “play money.” There are also plenty of other “just for fun” free roulette games outside of the casinos that can be played directly from your web browser.

No Download Roulette–Convenience and Flexibility

No download roulette games are no different than those offered through the casino's software or app. If you have a relatively modern browser and a decent, stable internet connection, you're ready to get into the game. You'll definitely want to look for these games if you're on a Macintosh, BlackBerry or other device with an operating system that online casinos don't support.

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