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The iPad is a premium tablet and one of the most powerful options on the market. That makes it an excellent device for playing roulette, giving you more detailed games and a greater range of social possibilities than most other tablets (and all mobile phones) can offer. Online casinos also widely support the iPad and often offer special apps optimized to take advantage of its strengths.

The Player's Guide to iPad Roulette

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This guide will cover the type of iPad hardware and software that you need to play online roulette, as well as the wide range of options for both real money wagering and playing for fun. You'll also learn about some helpful and fun supplementary roulette apps that you can download through the App Store.

What Type of iPad Do You Need to Play Roulette?

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Online casinos try to be flexible in terms of hardware requirements: they want as many people to be able to play as possible. Still, there are always certain minimum requirements, and some tablets that are too old may not be able to run these games.

Fortunately, even the earliest versions of the iPad have stood out as very powerful devices and have resisted obsolescence better than many other types of tablets. In terms of hardware, the first-generation iPad is good enough to run the vast majority of casino apps and roulette games.

The only problem with these older devices is that they can only be updated to iOS 5.1.1 software, and most online casinos require a newer version. The relatively small amount of RAM in the first generation iPad could also be a problem for some casino apps that pack many different game types together. It can usually handle stand-alone roulette games, however.

If you have an iPad 2 or anything newer, you should have no problem running any Apple casino app. Just make sure your operating system is updated to the newest possible version of iOS, which can be done by going into “Settings” while connected to the internet, then tapping “General” followed by “Software Update.”

Getting Started with Real Money iPad Roulette

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Most online casinos offer two options to iPad players. You can either play through your web browser using their no download version, which does not store anything locally on the tablet, or through their mobile app.

The mobile app usually offers the widest range of games as well as the most advanced versions of the roulette tables. You'll want to check with each casino you are interested in to see if they offer separate apps for the iPad and iPhone. If they do, the iPad version will be better optimized to take advantage of the increased screen size and better hardware. It may also include various chat options and other social enhancements that are not included in the mobile phone version.

In all cases, you can get the iPad casino app through the App Store. Any casino asking you to get their app another way is very likely fraudulent. This does present a problem for iPad players in places like the United States, where the App Store will not carry real money casino apps due to local gambling laws.

If getting the app from the App Store is not an option for some reason, you'll need to try out the casino’s no download version to see if it has the roulette table types you are looking for. You can access the no download casino through a browser like Safari or Chrome. Usually you'll have to create an account and verify your identity before you can play any of the games, even the “play money” versions.

Playing Roulette at Social Casinos on Your iPad

If you're looking to save some money and just play roulette for fun, social casinos are an option well worth looking into. Social casinos will give you a daily allotment of play money (with periodic bonuses sprinkled in), and some have roulette tables where you can use it. The social aspect is emphasized by sharing messages and win notifications with your friends, giving everybody who plays the game more spins.

The interesting part is that some of these social casinos offer players the chance to win real prizes for their roulette play. One common format is a raffle system, which you can purchase tickets for with the play money you win at the tables.

The biggest name in the social casino space, MGM's MyVegas, actually lets you win prizes that can be used at Vegas casino properties and for other real-life rewards like Carnival cruises. As of this writing, MyVegas doesn't yet offer roulette, but the developers have mentioned several times on the official Facebook page that they do plan to add table games to the mix.

Other Helpful and Fun Roulette Apps for the iPad

You can find a wide range of stand-alone roulette games on the App Store that don't require you to be online to play. Naturally, these are just for fun, but they might help you satisfy your curiosity about betting strategies or just hold you over until your bankroll recovers.

If you subscribe to the theory that numbers are “due” to hit after a certain amount of time, you might like Roulette Wiz. This app allows you to record the winning number on each spin during your time at the roulette table and can be customized to alert you when certain numbers or bet types have not hit in a long time.

Superior Roulette Play on the iPad

The iPad allows you to play the best possible versions of mobile roulette tables. As long as you have an iPad 2 or better, you should meet the minimum requirements—just make sure you have the most recent version of iOS installed.

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