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19 year old Male from Cedar Rapids, UNITED STATES US
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Akumu, Ukuma, Kureiji, Kurin, Tsuhai, and Grinner the Berserker... I'm overwhelmed ~
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I'm a demon.... Well, 6 actually. I share a body with 5 others, they're all demons. I'm Akumu, I own this body. Then there is Ukuma, he is my evil brother.... He's actually a softie on the inside, just don't piss him off. There's also Kureiji.... He's crazy and tends to eat anything, literally anything.... People even >_> Anyway, he gets whatever he wants and when he wants it. Then there's Kurin. He's the clean freak, and he fears the color red due to blood and childhood memories. Tsuhai, he's very quiet. Strong and tough, it's probably the rarest thin in the world to catch him in tears. Grinner the Berserker, my inner demon, put evil, I swear he could be the devil himself. Don't piss any of me off. Hmm.... I have purple eyes, Akumu. Ukuma has red eyes, Kureiji has blue, Kurin has yellow, Tsuhai ha green and Grinner has orange. I wonder though, is there perhaps a seventh? Well, my brothers are Snicker and Sneer, also known as the two snakes, the twins, the duo demons, or Hikaru and Kaoru. (SnickerXSneer) Do not make them angry.... Ever. They're more powerful than Grinner due to twin relations. Yes, they are troublemakers and twins. Sly and tricky, clever, mischievous and dangerous. Just don't make them mad, be nice and you won't die brutally and painfully.... That's it I thi-... Oh yes. One more thing. Touch SerinaThorne and I'll eat you alive and use your bones as toothpicks afterwards. Are we clear? I should hope so. That is all!
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