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109 year old Male from Tokyo, JAPAN JP
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I smile all the time so nobody knows that I'm hurt.
I don't to love you anymore.In the memories that cannot be stopped.I can only see you in my head.I hope it becomes a handful ashes.I repeatedly erase you everyday,It chills me to the bone,It feel like I'm being poked by pleces.But as I look back,It's a bright ling road,By all means,I won't leave any trace of you.Not anymore,never ever but why is my heart filling itself with you again.We're not forever,Fill it with tears,With a sad ending,The end of both of us.Never.Dollar Dollar,I used it up all day.Run run I earn And I splurge.I want it,Cruisin' on that bay I want it cruisin' like NEMO!I don't have money but I wannna go somewhere far away.I don't have money but I wanna to distress.I don't have money but I wanna eat at Jiro Ono's.I worked so hard and earned may pay all of it,Into my tummy.I collect every drop and have fun wasting every drop,I spend it all.Let me be,Even though I overspend,Tomorrow morning,I may act crazy and withdraw installment savings. There's no tomorrow,There's already a mortgage on my future.I spend more of my money friend wussup,Do you want some?Dollar Dollar I spent it all day run.Man I spend it like some party,Until every dog has his day until the sun rises
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