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19 year old Male from Ernakulam, INDIA IN
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I am only a spirit now. A distant memory. I was not like this, I had friends who had built me this world..... Long time ago known as MG..... People always come here, relax and enjoy talking and making new friends... I was kept alive by this activities...... But now this place seems so cold, so unliving, only because I lost my friends and now one visits this world..... I lurk around in the shadows every now and then expecting to see someone..... now and then I pray..... Friends pls return and bring me back... ;(
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I'm Siva.MG is a special place so be happy.I help all of them new.Make the world a better place as life is 1.Enjoy LIFE.All are special,all are champs,love u all.I follow HUSTLE,LOYALTY,RESPECT,HONOUR,AND HARDWORK. Love nd respect our people.Help others by not expecting them to help u.God helps those who help others and themselves..So keep smiling :) ....
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