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18 year old Male from Ernakulam, INDIA IN
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* was sleeping in my bed...when an arrow was fired and struck my bed... oh nearly missed my head...gets up ..yawns.. moves to the mirror and talks to my reflection while brushing my hair....*"You got this, you got this...., your a wizard,your a fire ball throwing wizard....., your a hero and u look great"...* puts the covers back on...slams open the door by kicking it with fireballs in my hand*My presence in the war field is always the most terrifying....but need durable troops like my friends to protect me... dont worry wizards protect others first... :) ;)
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I'm Siva.MG is a special place so be happy.I help all of them new.Make the world a better place as life is 1.Enjoy LIFE.All are special,all are champs,love u all.I follow HUSTLE,LOYALTY,RESPECT,HONOUR,AND HARDWORK. Love nd respect our people.Help others by not expecting them to help u.God helps those who help others and themselves..So keep smiling :) ....
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