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22 year old Female from Traverse City, UNITED STATES US
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Everyone just leave me alone
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I love the bands- Evanescence, Blood on the Dance Floor Three Days Grace, Hollywood Undead, Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides, Never Shout Never, Kid Rock, T-mills, Disturbed, Zebra Mussles, Asking Alexandria, Avenge Seven-fold, The Cab and Linkin Park.______________________ My favorite song is How to Save a Life by the Fray. I'm horrible at dancing and singing but i do it anyways, i don't fit in with the crowd at all; i'm extremly wierd and strange. I hate being normal! i'm emo (yes i do hurt myself) and i've been bullied for 6 years, so don't judge me. i get beat up a lot but nobody cares, i only have 4 real friends the others don't give a shit about me, only 1 of them is on here(u know who u r). i'm anorexic i only weigh 95 pounds :p my real name is Sammy but u can call me Jo-Jo or whatever u want_____________________________________ i play a lot of instruments; i hate it when people tell me they're "problems" which r mostly just-i had a break - up or nobody likes me...... well, i'm probably gunna like u so don't complain____________________________ if u have anymore questions just ask :)
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