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17 year old Male from Saint Louis, UNITED STATES US
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plz send me items i have nun
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Heres some things i like. I like girls, playing video games, nerf wars, hanging out with friends, moding nerf guns, playing on computer, role playing games, watchin TV, and HAVING FUN. My fav tv shows r Mythbusters, Head Rush, Finding Bigfoot and Simpsons . My fav food iz any type of meat. My fav movies r The Stupids and The Simpsons Movie. My fav colors r Purple, Red, Blue, and Black. My fav video games r all Assassin's Creed games, all Call of Duty games, and all Lego games. My fav things to do r hangin out with friends, moding nerf guns, vid games, and computer. Im running out of stuff to say so see u lata!
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