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104 year old Female from Boston, UNITED STATES US
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This disease is getting worse.I counted my blessings, now I'll count this curse.The only thing I really know: I can't sleep at night.
*curtain opens* I AM BACK FROM NARNIA BISHES!! so..ehmm i guess i am supposed to tell u who i am so....I am a girl and my name is AIRA! SO HOW YOU DOIN HOTSUFF? XD I love My friends and making new too! I enjoy doin stupid things!I am girly but enjoy many Boyish things like GTA and especially FOOTBALL! :P and am weird and also if ur weird enough I AM BOUND TO LOVE YA! :P My fav number is 666 *Like a boss* its this simple: you don't judge me -- i don't judge you. coz u know bro.. NOT COOL! if you want to learn who i am, go ahead and talk to me i dare u.. I will reply!! Unless I am dead, or a unicorn is stabbing me or I have GERARD WAY infront of me!! :P :) dont go around judging coz that suck and that's what wannabes do! i cant keep a straight face. at all. especially when someone asks me not to laugh! MUSIC is my favorite pastime (Michael Jackson is my fav! I love IM MCR BFMV BVB PTY ATL Bon jovi and The beatles and AC DC and MANY THINGS ) and am a movie buff I am cray about SUPERNATURAL! AND ALSO JENSEN ACKLES he is the awesomest And so is Gerard Way!!I am obsessed with ANGELS DEMONS and CREEPY STUFF and BLOOD!! (dont judge)! I really like myths and legends! XD DONOT MESS WITH MY FRIENDS I CAN KILL U FOR THAT! Especially the best ones Like Dave my special buddy i love u! and Alex, Alex, ( u guys are awesome) Chris and Andrew i love u as hell!!! SHELI and JANE and LAURA and MER and RACH and SAF are my girsl! AND cant forget my MCR buddy! ^^!! Vince IS THE AWESOMELY talented one and fun!!!! WHO CAN FORGET EMMM MY BABEEE!!! I WUV my little SPYRO!! kevin and kem are real coool ETH is like AWESOME!!!!!!! !! CANT Forget NIK I WUV YA! Taken by...*drumroll*:ALEX a.k.a AWESOME (Mytruck321)! :) these are not in order! i love them equally!!!! !!REAL PROTECTIVE So u ever hurt them! A CHAINSAW OVER UR NECK WOULD BE LESS PAINFUL OF WHAT I WOULD DO TO U ;) ! LOVE U ALL. I am nice to people who are nice to me and I will be nice to you if ur a serial killer! If ur mean to me i will just try to be nice until i reach that point where i will BURST with anger' ! PC me if u wanna know more! I NEVER MIND!!! JUST DONT PC TO JUDGE!! AND DONT TURN THE RAGE ON!! LOVE YA ALL!!!gonna shutup now! *curtains closed*
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