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28 year old Female from Newport, UNITED STATES US
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mi name is shari i a very nice,funny girl but i dont take no shit from no one so plze dont start none mky.i am kinda pissed off right now alot of u know mi as lilsmarty an that is mi an i had 2 make a whole new profile cuz mi comp completly fukin crashed an fuked all up!!!!!! oh well lolz!!aint shit i could do bout it!!! ughhh!!!!! will hve get bck mi frienz that i had on here from on mi other profile !! i have alot of friendz here where i live in KY, like katiepop45 she is on here she been 1 mi besties for years an mi other friends r from mi town, thatz cuz i have alot a good friend. Right now i am nott involved with any guy mi last boyfriend brke mi heart!!! But thats ok cuz niow i can go out wit who eva I like wheneva i wanna lolz. I am jus livin my life the way I want an dating guys who know how 2 be honest an sweet an no fake shit. They also have to know how 2 be a gentleman!!!!!!!!! Life is good 4 now !!!! I have met quite a few kewl peepz on here 2 like katiepop45 she so funny an cool an sexykitty4ever she funny az hell..an a few other peepz on here r cool az hell. If u wanna know anythin else jus ask an mybe I will tell u !!
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