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24 year old Female from Dayton, UNITED STATES US
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my name is carolyn chanelle carr I live in dayon ohio for my whole life I go to meadowdale high school and I am on JROTC drill team, color guard.I love to listen to some great music. my favorite artist is chris brown he is the best singer ever include his voice that is so sexy.I have 2 sisters. I have good friends. I love to write poetry, love to sing. I love to people on the phone. sometimes i can get piss off real easy but I am really nice to people. I am sweet girl and beautiful. i am not like these other girls I just be myself. I love my haters at my school and on my page so don"t ever disrespect either cuz I will cuss you off real good. also I am looking for a man who can treat me right.
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