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glo bby girl, your as star, they sky is the limit- travel far, slay queen, Aries chick, mad as hell, wanna try me!? ;), Im Jamaican... black and proud... so all u racist mtfs can jump off a cliff see if u careI HATE DONALD TRUMP!! *middle fingers up* ;P
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hi my name is Ricoya aka Rickyboo (only my friends call me that if u aint DONT!!. Im an Aries chick dont fuck with this bitch *wink*. I love to singing,dancing, read and write stories, painting and drawing, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. rose pink, red, sky blue, dark purple/ violet are my favorite colors. I love food...lol ;) my beauty is a masterpiece im cute, jovial, friendly, sexy (with boobs and curves only a black girl can have), i think thts about it for me....until next time ;) *kiss
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