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21 year old Female from Lemmon, UNITED STATES US
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I love u Alexa!!!
Heyy. My name is Cassidy! I am a sweet girl, but if u piss me off, you will defedently see the dark side of me. I recamend you dont find that side of me.I am !@#SINGLE!@#!.So dont hit me up or do something . My cousins on here are huntingfreak and LardyCakeZ. And my BFFL is Krit. Dont mess with her or i will kick your ass! Hunter is my best friend and dont mess with him either. ALEXA078 IS MY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER!!! I LOVE HER JUST LIKE A SISTER. DO NOT MESS WITH HER. YOU WILL PAY BIG TIME IF U MESS WITH HER. SHE IS GOING THROUGH ALOT AND I AM HERE WITH HER ALL THE WAY THROUGH!
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