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Sup bro
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Homie let's be for real If I disrespect you that means I don't like you if you get mad at that I don't well that's life deal with it im not perfect so are you might say you are but your not don't like what im saying then why are you still reading this? see that shows being a bitch and want to be a hater you might say "FUCK YOU '' and hate on me because im speaking the truth HA! the people that fights me are fucking retarded ok hate on me you could right it in the notes and be a hater or you can say "im not a hater so im not doing this bullshit'' so the choose is urs be a hater or not im not jesus so don't say ''you did this to me'' I don't control you got that? get that in your fucking minds because I don't play that shit I really don't yeah u might think im just a poser nah nigga im not yeah you really want to know about me ill tell you there anyways ur reading this maybe saying ''he thinks hes badass'' well I do a little so don't be such a bitch about it yeah I might not be cute or hot or whatever but I cant speak the truth I so fuck haters, troller and hackers if you hack my account ill hack yours (ill try) but if I fail I kill u yeah im like that Im single I roleplay I am really 13 years old and like eminem I don't hate I just don't like you (if u pissed me off) and if you hate me on the chat and friend me later on don't do that because I don't give another chance my favorite youtuber is DashieXP, Swoozie, Markipiler, and The Lonely Goomba
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