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25 year old Female from Kealakekua, UNITED STATES US
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Bored someone talk to me plz
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IM A STRIPPER/POLE DANCER AND A BARTENDER i am me i am the best me i can be my name is kaylyn and im not scared of wat others think about me if u know me then kool if u dont then here's some stuff about me i was born june 10th im relazed and easy to get along with im fun i kinda get mad easy that's funny i get mad really easy but plz don't make me mad its not that funny to kick ass im really lazy i like to have fun im athletic and and interjetic i love sports...............i love the color green i love being around friends i have a weird obsession with mc Donald fry's there so good im in love and love to go partying now that is fun but u wouldn't know that if u just looked at me ha ha maybe u would i love my family lots but u know how that is i love my mom, sister and brother hehehe is really funny and fun to be around with im not girly i rather be comfortable then cute but u know im cute lol i don't care how i look and dont care wat u think unless its nice lol or funny i like to shoe shop i love new shoes any getting them i love my mom for now lol i i have never been close to my dad EVER i don't know anything about him except he left me wen i was a baby and never came back i don't talk or see him i don't know wat he looks like and i don't care. i recently hurt my knee cant play sports it sucks but now im but playing and i am back in cheer leading ya i know i don't look or act like i am a cheerleader but i love tumbling and working out lol SO IF U WANT TO TALK TO ME THEN KOOL MESSAGE me BUT IF U R HATING GET OF MY FUCKIN PAGE
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